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The Spotlight

  • Roxy Jacenko
  • 18.10.2017

Is PR Queen Jazzy Lou about to ditch the clients she worked so hard to get and pack it all...


  • T.J. Element
  • 18.10.2017

Disclosure: First of all, I originally read and reviewed this ebook 9/29/2011; I'm...

God on the Job

  • Thomas Smith
  • 18.10.2017

Finding God Who Waits at Work, Thomas Smith. Using stories and practical applications the author...

Silence Out Loud

  • Geonn Cannon
  • 18.10.2017

Cheryl Paxton grew up knowing the wonders of a good book, how to get lost in a brand-new world and...

Povijest 11 (18. stoljeće)

  • Enrico Cravetto
  • 18.10.2017

Doba prosvjetiteljstva, kako se naziva 18. stoljeće, vrijeme je privrednog i socijalnog uspona...

The Paper Jewelry Book

  • Jessica Wrobel
  • 18.10.2017

Sixteen simple projects are presented by the author (a paper artist and teacher) as a step-by-step...

Media Audiences

  • Marie Gillespie
  • 18.10.2017

Visit the Understanding Media series microsite. ""This book provides a comprehensive, up-to-date...

Thelma and Ziggy

  • Ted Summerfield
  • 18.10.2017

Thelma Sludge is a rather plain-looking butterfly with a bit of an attitude problem. Thelma’s...

A Case for Cap & Co

  • Tivola Electronic Publishing
  • 18.10.2017

Karen's little dog has been kidnapped. It's obviously a case for Cap & Co Together with Cap,...

Broken Irish

  • Edward J. Delaney
  • 18.10.2017

“Epic in its scope but relentlessly compelling in its storytelling—not a...

Enter Talking

  • Joan Rivers
  • 18.10.2017

This is a standard 'early years in showbiz' autobiography, with the universal truths (or cliches)...

Policing, A short history

  • Philip Rawlings
  • 18.10.2017

This book provides an overview of the history of policing in the UK. Its primary aim is to...

Game Boy Reloaded

  • Alan Durant
  • 18.10.2017

Brother and sister Mia and Zak find an old GameBoy game in the canal. But it's like nothing else...

The Three Little Pigs

  • Paul Galdone
  • 18.10.2017

The Three Little Pigs is the original version of the three little pigs. The three pigs are...

Tao Te Ching

  • Lao Tzu
  • 18.10.2017

The Tao Te Ching is a spiritual, inspirational work that guides us through life, helping us to live...

Paranın Cinleri

  • Murathan Mungan
  • 18.10.2017

...Biz büyüdükçe, o fotoğraflar da yeni anlamlar, yeni tarihler edinir....

Baseball Dreams, Fishing Magic

  • Mike Reuther
  • 17.10.2017

Nick Grimes is a talented pitcher with his sights keenly set on a Major League Baseball career. But...

lia et le secret des choses

  • Danielle Simard
  • 17.10.2017

Lia vit au royaume de Saugrenu, le monde des fées, des sorcières, des ogres et des...

King Midas and the Golden Touch

  • Eric Metaxas
  • 17.10.2017

"King Midas and the Golden Touch" is a wonderful tale from the Rabbit Ears series as it details...


  • Dennis Coon
  • 17.10.2017

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Love by the Book

  • Melissa Pimentel
  • 17.10.2017

A hilarious and refreshingly honest foray into modern dating, Age, Sex, Location is Bridget Jones's...

Come Out to Play

  • Alex Comfort
  • 17.10.2017

I found this book somewhere, and since it's by the author of The Joy of Sex, and was supposed to be...

Warrior Cults

  • Paul Elliott
  • 17.10.2017

Today's terrorists are not new. Terror, murder, and stealth have always flourished in close-knit,...

The Education of T.C. Mits

  • Lillian Rosanoff Lieber
  • 17.10.2017

"A delightful book."—New York Times"I have studied with pleasure [this] new...

Ben (Semper Fi, #2)

  • Jambrea Jo Jones
  • 17.10.2017

Book two in the Semper Fi SeriesColonel Ben Davies was going out of his mind. Why was he...


  • Hans Achterhuis
  • 17.10.2017

Voortdurend in discussie, niet alleen met anderen maar ook met zichzelf, onderzoekt Hans Achterhuis...

The Lieutenant

  • Andre Dubus
  • 17.10.2017

At sea aboard a Navy aircraft carrier, Lieutenant Daniel Tierney finds himself in direct...

The Maxi Lifespan Diet for Dogs

  • Robert Haas
  • 17.10.2017

Why do some animals enjoy extended longevity and optimal health while others age more frequently?...

Buddha Standard Time

  • Lama Surya Das
  • 17.10.2017

We're all given the same twenty-four hours a day.We can spend our time feeling hurried and...


  • Giorgio Bassani
  • 17.10.2017

Bassani was born in Bologna into a prosperous Jewish family of Ferrara, where he spent his...

Restoring Beauty

  • Louis Markos
  • 17.10.2017

C.S. Lewis prophetic voice for today?'s issues More and more in our modern and postmodern culture...

The Hundred Hearts

  • William Kowalski
  • 17.10.2017

Winner of the 2014 Thomas H. Raddall Atlantic Fiction Award.On April 7, 2005, an I.E.D....

Art of the Le Mans Race Car

  • Stuart Codling
  • 17.10.2017

Le Mans is one of the longest-running and most spectacular endurance races in the history of...

Lost Sheep

  • Stephen Cummings
  • 17.10.2017

A PRESENCE CASTS A SHADOW UPON THE TOWN OF BONNER. Clever criminals plunder the innocent and...

Răbojul unui muritor

  • Saşa Pană
  • 17.10.2017

Saşa Pană (the literary pseudonym of Alexandru Binder) was one of the main Romanian...

Fresh Air

  • Mark Ramsey
  • 17.10.2017

The radio industry is on a collision course with its future. What's the best way to market our...

Murder by Yew (Edna Davies, #1)

  • Suzanne Young
  • 17.10.2017

When her handyman dies of taxine poisoning, Edna Davies, amateur herbalist, becomes the prime...

Mushroom in the Rain

  • Mirra Ginsburg
  • 17.10.2017

-- Sparkling, expansive fun, sure to be a runaway story hour success". -- Kirkus Reviews, pointered...

African American Biography

  • Phillis Engelbert
  • 17.10.2017

African American Almanac features historical and current information on African American life and...

Complete Inspector Morse

  • David Bishop
  • 17.10.2017

Inspector Morse, the ever-popular Oxford sleuth, has delighted audiences worldwide, from his first...

Deep History

  • David Laibman
  • 17.10.2017

Does history have a direction? Are there principles that unify our experience and show connections...

Charles Dickens

  • J. Hillis Miller
  • 17.10.2017

Joseph Hillis Miller, Jr. (born March 5, 1928) is an American literary critic who has been heavily...

Conversation #1

  • James Kochalka
  • 17.10.2017

James Kochalka and Craig Thompson -- two of our best cartoonists -- go head-to-head in this...

Blood of Amber

  • Roger Zelazny
  • 17.10.2017

Alternate cover for ISBN 0380896362 / 9780380896363Pursued by a fiendish enemy, Merle must...

Soulful Strut

  • Lynn Emery
  • 17.10.2017

Monette Victor spent fifteen years in prison for a crime she didn't commit. Now she's free, and...