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Victorian Values

  • T.C. Smout
  • 19.11.2017

In recent years there has been a great deal of discussion about Victorian values. This collection,...

Stuff Every Geek Should Know

  • Quirk Books
  • 19.11.2017

Packed with tips, articles, and how-tos on everything from performing Jedi mind tricks to creating...


  • Alistair MacLean
  • 19.11.2017

Bruno Wildermann estaba acostumbrado a lo imposible. Era un maestro de la cuerda floja que actuaba...

The Land That Lost Its Heroes

  • Jimmy Burns
  • 19.11.2017

Jimmy Burns was the only full-time British foreign correspondent to remain in Argentina covering...

Moonlight Promise

  • Laurie Alice Eakes
  • 19.11.2017

A young woman finds her life altered when she receives a letter that sets her on a new path toward...


  • Annabel Ness Evans
  • 19.11.2017

We offer these texts bundled together at a discount for your students. Evans: Methods in...

A Doctor's Vow

  • Lois Richer
  • 19.11.2017

To fulfill a promise made to her beloved twin sister, Dr. Jaclyn LaForge opens a children's clinic...

The Spring of My Life

  • Kobayashi Issa
  • 19.11.2017

KobayashiIssa (1763-1827), along with Basho and Buson, is considered one of the...

The Final Season

  • Bill Parcells
  • 19.11.2017

As unflinching, candid, and tough as the man himself, The Final Season is Bill...

Turnaround Challenge

  • Michael Blowfield
  • 19.11.2017

Business is in an era of crises. Climate change, demographic change, emerging economies, and new...

Can't Never Tell

  • Cathy Pickens
  • 19.11.2017

It's another Fourth of July in Dacus, South Carolina and the carnival fright house isn't impressing...


  • Sonia Goldie
  • 19.11.2017

Un livre pour se promener dans les sous-bois et reconnaître animaux et végétaux qui...

A Brief Guide to Superheroes

  • Brian J. Robb
  • 19.11.2017

Runningpress unterhält die Serie "A Brief History of", die sehr breit gefächert ist, das...

Democracy and Totalitarianism.

  • Raymond Aron
  • 19.11.2017

Democracy and Totalitarianism is a book by French philosopher and political scientist Raymond Aron....

How to Read the Qur'an

  • Carl W. Ernst
  • 19.11.2017

"How to Read the Qur'an" offers a compact introduction and reader's guide for anyone, non-Muslim or...

Lo Spirito Della Narrazione

  • Andrea Bonomi
  • 19.11.2017

Andrea Bonomi is an Italian philosopher and logician. Born in Rome in 1940, he studied with Enzo...


  • Robert H. Gundry
  • 19.11.2017

This monumental work presents a careful, well-argued alternative reading of the Greek text of...

The Welsh Revival

  • William T. Stead
  • 19.11.2017

Mr. Stead's graphic account of the great Welsh revival, herewith given, was first published in the...

My Life as a 10-Year-Old Boy

  • Nancy Cartwright
  • 19.11.2017

Nancy Cartwright, the ultimate Simpsons insider, gives voice to the boy immediately...

Keep Talking

  • Lynda Madison
  • 19.11.2017

As the mother of two preteen daughters and as a family therapist, Dr. Lynda Madison became acutely...

The Coyote

  • Robert J. Horton
  • 19.11.2017

Earned or not, Roger Rathburn had developed a sinister reputation as an outlaw and a gunman. Now,...


  • Mia Sheridan
  • 19.11.2017

Librarian's Note: This is an alternate cover for ASIN B00BT0JB0AA USA...

The Religious World of Kirti Sri

  • John Clifford Holt
  • 19.11.2017

This inderdisciplinary inquiry seeks to uncover how Buddhism was understood and expressed during...

Wearing the Spider

  • Susan Schaab
  • 19.11.2017

Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in America. It occurs in some form every 79...

Malronce (Autre Monde, #2)

  • Maxime Chattam
  • 19.11.2017

Imaginez un monde où la nature a repris le pouvoir, où les adultes sont redevenus...


  • Logan Belle
  • 19.11.2017

Logan Belle is my pen name. It’s the name I use when I only want to think about romance. My...

Confessions of a Doctor

  • Stanley Feldman
  • 19.11.2017

Not as good as some of the other confessions books. Mostly about his life...

Cheerleading Practice

  • Tracy Nelson Maurer
  • 19.11.2017

- Cheerleading is one of the hottest topics around- Perfect for reluctant readers- Terrific...


  • Susan Maushart
  • 19.11.2017

Wifework is a fiercely argued, in-depth look at the inequitable division of labor between husbands...

Activity Box

  • Jean Greenwood
  • 19.11.2017

This resource book for teachers of young students contains a bank of motivating activities to...

Pacar Senja

  • Joko Pinurbo
  • 19.11.2017

JokPin memang paling jago kalo bikin puisi yang satir mengenai kehidupan sehari-hari, terkadang...

Barcelona Style

  • Lluis Tolosa
  • 19.11.2017

Through 200 pages and more than 250 full colour photos, this book presents us with one of the most...

Dylan Dog Color Fest n. 3

  • Tiziano Sclavi
  • 19.11.2017

Nemici per sempreTra le belve dello Zoo di Londra se ne aggira una la cui...

A Choice Of Clough's Verse

  • Arthur Hugh Clough
  • 19.11.2017

Arthur Hugh Clough was the son of a Liverpool cotton merchant who moved the family to South...


  • Christine Elliott
  • 19.11.2017

Unmasked is the debut collection of an eclectic storyteller who uses magic, myth and mayhem to mine...

Word Made Flesh

  • John Main
  • 19.11.2017

Offers insights into the kind of prayer that enables us to bring the whole of our being to God, and...

Capital and Production

  • Richard von Strigl
  • 19.11.2017

Richard Ritter von Strigl (1891-1942) was one of the most brilliant Austrian economists of the...

Yaşam Koçluğu

  • Talane Miedaner
  • 19.11.2017

Redaksiyon : Yonca HancıoğluDiğer : Nil GünÇeviri : Selma...

Drive and Determination

  • Kara Louise
  • 19.11.2017

In this modern day variation of Jane Austen's "Pride and Prejudice," Elyssa Barnett is an aspiring...

Roadside Geology of Texas

  • Darwin Spearing
  • 18.11.2017

The geologic panorama of Texas is as wide as the state is big, sweeping from volcanic mesas and...

The Dead of Jericho

  • Clare West
  • 18.11.2017

Chief Inspector Morse is drinking a pint of beer. He is thinking about an attractive woman who...