Panzer Soldier (Casca, #4)

Barry Sadler

A Panzer soldier for the brutal Third Reich, Casca becomes entrenched in Hitler's Nazi war machine and is forced to pit his credit as a soldier against his moral judgment of humanity. Sporting the honorable Knight's Cross and a silver tanker's badge, Casca leads the 1st SS Panzer Regiment against the hammering forces of Ivan, the throttlehold of Russia's military. Comradery, survival instinct, and highly developed German tanks keep Casca and his crew forging ahead, but when the reality of Hitler's sinister manifesto is revealed to them, they begin to question their role in the destruction of humankind.

Amidst a bleak landscape of battle, Casca's chance encounter with a war-torn Jewish woman puts his sense of decency to the test and takes him to the one remaining bunker in Berlin—Hitler's lair—where he confronts the living madman. In the clandestine chamber of Adolf Hitler, secrets are revealed and destiny shows its hand.

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