Military Reminiscences Of The Civil War, Volume II

Jacob Dolson Cox

Jacob Dolson Cox, Jr. (1828-1900) was a lawyer, a Union Army general during the American Civil War, and later a Republican politician from Ohio. He served as the 28th Governor of Ohio and as United States Secretary of the Interior. He was influenced by the Reverends Samuel D. Cochran and Charles Grandison Finney, leaders of Oberlin College, which he attended and with which he maintained a lifelong association, including service as a trustee from 1876 to 1900. He became superintendent of the Warren, Ohio, school system as he studied law and was admitted to the bar in 1853. As a strong abolitionist, in 1855 he helped to organize the Republican Party in Ohio and stumped for its candidates in counties surrounding Warren. He entered the Ohio State Senate in 1860 and formed a political alliance with Senator and future President James A. Garfield, and with Governor Salmon P. Chase. His works include: Republicanism of the English Government (1879), Atlanta (1885), March to the Sea: Franklin and Nashville (1885) and Military Reminiscences of the Civil War (2 volumes) (1900).

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