Sing a New Song (The Palace Saga, #1.5)

Catherine Green

“Anyone can be popular as long as they have friends that they don't like."

Jen Stef knows what she wants out of life........ to make herself the most popular Freshman on campus, proving that popularity means nothing.

She doesn't plan to embrace her heritage as one of The People. Or access higher spiritual realms to save the world. She left all that 'sent from heaven to maintain the cosmic balance' stuff behind when she stopped going to camp. Let someone else explore their ethnic heritage, Jen's busy exploring the finer points of the delectable Sven Ivers.

But when Jen makes friends with the uber-cool Chloe Diaz, she discovers that destiny is hard to avoid.

Sing a New Song is a companion novel to the Palace saga, telling Jen's story and spanning the time period between Life in the Palace and To Call Your Name. It can be read as a standalone novel but contains minor spoilers for To Call Your Name (and major spoilers for Life in the Palace.)

Warning- The Palace Saga is a series about people who choose to leave the secular world and dedicate themselves to a higher power (aka live a life of faith.) It is not necessarily written for religious people. If the occasional swear word, allusion to pre-marital sex or double-entendre involving mashed potatoes is outside your comfort zone, then this is not the series for you. (Although, feel free to read it anyway and then leave a one star review bemoaning the level of realism.)

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