Mastering Oracle Power Objects

Rick Greenwald

Oracle Power Objects, a new product from Oracle first released in 1995 as part of the Workgroup 2000 initiative, is a cross-platform development tool that greatly simplifies the development of client/server database applications. With Power Objects, you can develop applications for Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, and the Macintosh in a remarkably short amount of time; for example, you can build a master-detail application that can add, update, and select records via a user interface — all in 30 seconds, with no coding!

This is the first book that covers Power Objects Version 2. It's an in-depth work, aimed at developers, that provides detailed information on getting the most from the product. It looks thoroughly at the most advanced features of Power Objects, covering specific application issues such as lists, reports (using both the native report writer and the Crystal Reports product), built-in methods, moving data, implementing drag-and-drop, etc. It also focuses on the use of object-oriented principles, global functions and messaging, OCXs, debugging, and cross-platform issues. The book also includes chapters on using PL/SQL with Power Object, and ways of integrating the World Wide Web with the product. It provides a wealth of developer tips and techniques, as well as understandable explanations of the internal workings of Power Objects. The accompanying diskette contains practical and complete examples that will help you build working applications, right now.

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