Triple Booked

Mardi Ballou

Jade and Gabe are a perfect match. As lovers and coauthors, they have everything they need and want—almost. All they crave is great success for their writing. When they meet Alex at a party, he has a proposal for them. He wants to collaborate with them on a new literary work. Jade is sure it's a sign—after all, she did just draw the Three of Pentacles in a Tarot reading. But Gabe isn't sure he wants to share his writing—or his lady—with the mysterious Alex, who tests his comfort zones on more than one level.Little does the happy couple know that Alex is a Mage of the Dionysian Oracle, and he needs to be invited into their partnership to complete his initiation rites. As Gabe and Jade begin to open up to him, though, he soon finds he's not the only one capable of love magic. Alex quickly realizes he'll need to choose—the way of his order or the way of his heart.

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