Relating Theory and Data

Stephan Lewandowsky

This festschrift represents the proceedings of a conference held in honor of Bennet B. Murdock, one of the foremost researchers and theoreticians on human memory and cognition. A highly renowned investigator respected for both his empirical and theoretical contributions to the field, Murdock summarized and focused a large amount of research activity with his 1974 book "Human Memory: Theory and Data." This unique collection of articles addresses many of the issues discussed in his classic text. Divided into five principal sections, its coverage includes: theoretical perspectives on human memory ranging from a biological view to an exposition of the value of formal models; recent progress in the study of processes in immediate memory and recognition memory; and new developments in componential and distributed approaches to the modeling of human memory. Each section concludes with an integrative commentary provided by some of Murdock s eminent colleagues from the University of Toronto. Thus, this book offers a diversity of perspectives on contemporary topics in the discipline, and will be of interest to students and scholars in all branches of cognitive science.

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