From the Post-It, to the Internet

Isaac Cronin

This book is a focused portrait of the lives of forty post World
War II inventors and their discoveries in the fields of medicine, aviation, communications technology, computer science, and
chemistry. Although they may have won Nobel Prizes or National
Technology Medals, many of these inventors are relatively unknown outside of their fields—hidden geniuses who have devoted
their lives to the process of discovery, often without great financial

Their research and breakthroughs have created thousands of important products that make our lives more comfortable, more efficient, more financially rewarding, safer, healthier, and more creative.
It is impossible to imagine modern life without their innovation,
such as: the Internet, the GPS, the laser, the electric guitar, the
MRI, the personal computer, the pacemaker, Post-it™ Notes, the TV

remote control, radar and sonar, scuba gear, vaccines, Valium, and
video games.

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