Roy C. Booth

They seemed to have the perfect family until Mitch disappeared. The police think he abandoned his family, Loretta and Mitch's brother, Ted, think something terrible happened to him. Ted begins to dig into his brother's disappearance and the deeper he goes, the more sinister the mystery becomes. What they discover is something even beyond their wildest imagination...We are being colonized. "Inspiring and touching in many ways, DIAPHANOUS is a wonderful introduction to how the screws can get turned to a normal family in an every day world..." - Steven L. Shrewsbury, Author of Stronger than Death, Hawg, and Thrall "A tale full of creeping dread and suspense, Diaphanous is a cool retro throwback to 50's and 60's creature horror. But don't let that fool you, Roy C. Booth and R. Thomas Riley have crafted a tale that is the future of horror." — John Grover, Author of Feminine Wiles, A Beckoning Of Shadows and Angels, Ashes and Alchemy.

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