The Boss #3 (The Boss Romance Series - Book #3)

Claire Adams


As I mentioned in my review of the first book I broke my own 'rule' reading this series, I generally avoid all short free books which lead you into buying the series plus it didn't mention it was a cliffhanger, which is usually a reason for me to stop reading, but I continued on. I really enjoyed the first book, yes I know as one review pointed out it was unrealistic and the writing style appalling, yes I agree it's total fantasy and the writing could be better but I enjoyed it just the same, I loved the second book and was 'hooked' which brings us to this, the thirdthe series.

I'm not really sure where to start, this book just didn't work for me it's a bit of a jumbled mess. Aria has been turned inside out by Zayden and the contract she's no longer the strong, intelligent, independent female she once was and Zayden I didn't like that he was so easily manipulated by the females in his life, at the end of my last review I asked if this made him weak or just more human, I've decided it's weak, and I don't like it.
I really didn't enjoy this book and started skimming early on which is crazy when it's so short anyway which brings me to another point each book is supposed to be about 25,000 words or 125 pages, I haven't checked the word count but so far they've been 87, 78 and 78 pages long.
This book has made me remember why I hate these short serial books, this seemed like a filler, something to drag out this series so I'm done, I won't be reading the next one and I'm surprisingly ok with that I don't really care what happens to these two, well if I'm being honest I know exactly what will happen I knew before I started the first book but it's the journey that's important and I'm no longer taking this one with them.

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