Tears in the Rain

E.E. Williams

After leaving his quiet middle class life, as well as his wife and son, former insurance salesman, Noah Greene, finds himself in steamy Miami, Florida. Near broke and living in a rented office/bicycle shop, Greene fancies himself a hardboiled detective in the tradition of Sam Spade and Philip Marlowe. His dream seems out of reach until, like a scene from a Bogey movie, a mysterious woman seeks him out to locate her missing brother. But as Noah begins to dig into the brother’s past, he finds himself in immersed in a political scandal and real estate scam that shakes Miami to its core and puts Noah, and anyone he comes in contact with, in danger.

E.E. Williams’ first book in the Noah Greene Mystery series introduces Greene as a slightly emotionally damaged, would-be detective who stumbles into both peril and intrigue.With unyielding tenacity, his investigative talents surprise even him as he uncovers the truth about Miami’s dirty little secrets.

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