Environmental Design For The 21st Century

Duncan McCorquodale

International engineering practice Atelier Ten has been at the forefront of designing and engineering environmentally friendly buildings since its conception almost 20 years ago. in that time, global attitudes toward ecological issues and energy consumption have changed drastically, and Environmental Design for the 21st Century is an exploration of the increasingly pressing issues of sustainability and energy efficiency in building design.

As these factors are now seen as vital to the success and longevity of any building, this book presents an invaluable resource to practitioners, building users and students alike. Examining key award-winning projects that Atelier Ten has undertaken across the globe, from major cultural complexes in Melbourne and Singapore to the Baltic Arts Center in Gateshead, and to smaller-scale work, such as the Great Notley Sustainable Primary School in Essex, Environmental Design for the 21st Century: Atelier Ten outlines the philosophy and approach crucial for developing sustainable buildings for the future.

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