48 Hot and Erotic Short stories

Scarlett Page

WARNING: These are erotic short stories for ADULTS ONLY! All characters are over the age of eighteen and the story contains scenes of oral sex and penetration
Featuring erotic juicy scenes, these Lesbian/Threesome/Paranormal/Erotika/Gangbang stories are guaranteed to keep you glued to your Kindle like nothing else!

171,418 words

48 erotic sex stories including:

Tipping the babysitter by Conner Hayden
The Lesbian Hotel Maid by Conner Hayden
The Hotel Maid threesome by Conner Hayden
The Dirty Nurse Threesome by Conner Hayden
Playing Dirty with the Hotel Maids by Conner Hayden
Gangbanged by the Local Perverts by Conner Hayden
Gangbang around the Campfire by Conner Hayden
Gangbang at the Truck Stop by Conner Hayden
Caught with the Babysitter’s Panties by Conner Hayden
Body Builder Gangbang by Conner Hayden
The Dirty Up Skirt Photos by Conner Hayden
Swimming Pool Fuck Fun by Conner Hayden
Fucking the Teenage Temp by Conner Hayden
Babysitter Bathtime by Conner Hayden
Used as a Fuck Toy by Conner Hayden
The Neighbor’s Teenage Cum Slut by Conner Hayden
The Couples Teenage Fuck Toy by Conner Hayden
Being a Dirty Slut Bitch by Conner Hayden
Babysitter’s Surprise by Kelly Sanders
Gangbang with the Gardener’s by Kelly Sanders
Lesbian Threesome at the Massage Parlour by Kelly Sanders
Spying on the Babysitter by Kelly Sanders
The Lesbian Leaving Party by Kelly Sanders
Take My Wife, Please by Kelly Sanders
Just the Ticket by Kelly Sanders
Blowing the Whistle by Kelly Sanders
A Rare Vintage by Kelly Sanders
A Midsummer Night’s Cream by Kelly Sanders
Moonlight Serenade by Kelly Sanders
Legally Banged by Kelly Sanders
Getting Even by Kelly Sanders
Fucked by my neighbour by Kelly Sanders
Dirty College Girls Abroad 1 by Kelly Sanders
Tipping the Babysitter by Kelly Sanders
A Butler, or a Slave? by Kelly Sanders
A Swinging Shindig by Kelly Sanders
The Naughty Hotel Maid by Kelly Sanders
Very Private Healthcare by Kelly Sanders
Wilma loses control - a story of the paranormal by Scarlett Page
Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? by Scarlett Page
The Vampire’s Mate – Paranormal Erotika by Scarlett Page
Piston Pete and his perfect penis by Scarlett Page
The Birthday Treat by Scarlett Page
In full swing(Part 1) by Scarlett Page
In Full Swing (Part 2) by Scarlett Page
Fucking in the Countryside by Scarlett Page
Dancing Shoes by Scarlett Page
All on our Lonesome by Scarlett Page

Excerpt:She bucked and writhed beneath him as he moved his head over her pussy. His dreadlocks whipped from side to side catching her legs like a thrashing from a cat o'nine tails. And the last semi coherent thought she had before her orgasm ripped through her like a powerful explosion was how this brought a whole new meaning to the phrase 'pussy whipped'!
Marcos didn't even give her chance to recover before he moved to slip his cock inside her still quivering pussy. He held the humungous ramrod firmly in one hand, nudging it up and down between her red swollen pussy lips. Her pussy still felt slightly numb from the suction he'd applied to it earlier but the she could feel the bulbous head pushing against her clit and her opening. She spread her legs wider to accept him into her depths, pushing her hips upwards. He had tired of teasing her, he wanted to be balls deep in her pussy and she knew it. Without warning he forced himself inside her. One long deep thrust, filling her to the hilt. Banging against her cervix.

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