Oh My, Pumpkin Pie!

Charles Ghigna - Father Goose

It is always a delight to read a poem by Charles Ghigna, no matter what the context.But a poem in Easy Reader form, about pumpkins, and read in mid-October?That is enchanting.

This poem is about pumpkins, so, as expected, Hallowe'en makes an appearance, but this is not a poem about Hallowe'en.It is perfect for reading now, almost three weeks before Hallowe'en, and it will be perfect for reading well into November.Unlike most Easy Reader books, Ghigna wrote a poem suited for young readers; he did not write an Easy Reader book in forced verse.There is a difference:one is poetry, the other is doggerel.

Kenneth Spengler's illustrations are perfectly suited for the text.They convey so much joy and delight that they make me want to make a pumpkin pie, or pumpkin bread, or pumpkin cookies.

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