Early To Bed? (The Wrong Bed) (The Wrong Bed) (Harlequin Temptation #970)

Cara Summers

Early to bed and early to rise makes a man...


Talk about early!Tony Romano and Lily McNeil hadn't even introduced themselves before they were burning up the sheets!But the exercise didn't do Tony's health any good.Since luscious Lily showed up at his hotel, he's had his life threatened - twice!


With his hotel falling apart around him, tony could use a little help.And Lily has some great ideas to save the old establishment.But her family's company is pushing him to sell, and the timing of Lily's arrival is a little suspicious.

And definitely wise!

Who knew that sleeping with the enemy would be the smartest thing Tony had ever done?Because Tony quickly realizes he needsLil - in bed and out.But before he can go any further he has to put an end to all the secrets between them.Then it will be just a matter of seducing her into saying yes...

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