Jim Britt

Jeremy Carter, a fireman from Missouri, in New York for the day, decides to take a tour of the Trade Center, only to watch, in shock, the attack on its twin towers from a block away. The story takes Jeremy from the pits of the rubble into the lives of the people and into the depths of his own soul. He learns who he is and what it takes to overcome the fear, anger, grief and anxiety this kind of evil brings. conversations with many individuals. Any resemblance to yourself, and to people you know, is highly probable, as well as intentional. By identifying with him and his experience you will be provided ample opportunities to heal in many areas of your life. You will rejoice as he leads you on a journey of understanding of present events and of what lies ahead, as he rebuilds the dynamics of his life and yours. A and to teach our minds new ways to function from this day forward. As you read the story, you will be gripped by the truth Jeremy discovers. You will also discover intense interaction, as a mental switch is thrown and understanding falls into place. The work contained on these pages offers practical tools that can be used to manage your life, your emotions and feelings. You will find it to be no less than self-healing, not only for the feelings of fear, anxiety, grief, etc., brought on by the attack on America and our freedom, but it will also give you tools for living life to the fullest from this day forward.

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