Of Swords and Spells

Delia Marshall Turner

Malka wants to be left alone. But the little girl with the big sword can't help but attract attention. Perhaps it is because of the secret she carries—a powerful secret about her own astonishing identity. But whatever the reason, however they find her, the magic-annihilating Enforcement is on her trail—and they will stop at nothing short of murder.Taking refuge aboard android Roder Massim's spaceship, Malka finds herself among a crew of renegade witches. She trusts no one—least of all Roder. Yet she is strangely drawn to him. Finally, marooned on a planet of untamed magic, with their enemies one step behind, there is only one chance left. The renegades must somehow harness enough magic to move an entire world—before Enforcement wipes it out altogether.

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