Travel Adventures of Jimmy Jet

Carol A. Sampson

I enjoyed reading Travel Adventures of Jimmy Jet to my second grade class. Most of the children had not flown before so it brought up lots of questions about planes and places. They were fascinated by the different spaces inside, such as the galley, the cockpit and were surprised by the large size of the plane. It opened up many discussions about other cities and places that have unusual things like a volcano, or a large airport hub or a city that was a mile high. They really got a lot out of this book. -Karla Fernwault, 2nd grade teacher at Murphy School District, Phoenix, Children will love reading or listening to the Travel Adventures of Jimmy Jet, whether they are going to fly on a commercial airline for the first time or they are exploring new ways to learn about plane travel, geography and the world around them. They can expand their knowledge of the United States by reading about the interesting places he travels to. Jimmy Jet takes away any apprehension about flying as he tells the story of his life on the ground and in the air. Jimmy Jet is a loveable, happy plane that has unique experiences only a plane can have, but he also has things in common with children such as gettin a bath! Travel Adventures of Jimmy Jet is a great read for young children as to a typical day in the life of a commercial airliner. Excellent details and information about the daily workings of a passenger jet, it's just right on. Loved the illustrations; especially the different planes talking to one another and the loading of baggage and food! Now my son understands what I do all day. -Captain William Brumitt, pilot, major U. S. airline I loved Travel Adventures of Jimmy Jet and so did my 7-year-oldgranddaughter. She took the book to school for her class to read and said the kids liked it a lot, too. The author gave the correct detail of what happens with the airlines, jets, crew and passengers. Also, the illustrations were great. -Harriatt "Skeeter" Smith, retired flight attendant, major U. S. airline Travel Adventures of Jimmy Jet spurred by students enthusiasm for learning more about the world of flying. It is definitely a "read it again" book! -Linda Ems, Educator at Mesa Public Schools, Mesa, Arizona

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