A Foreigner in London

Cinta García de la Rosa

Having read this author’s children’s book, The Funny Adventures of Little Nani, I jumped at this one because it’s far from being the funny, light-hearted collection of stories for a younger (and older, but young at heart) audience.

With A Foreigner in London, the reader goes into the mind of the Spanish main character as she copes with living in London. She deals with loneliness and the difficulties that any person foreign to any country would go through. There’s a language barrier, even if English is being spoken, and this is mainly due to a cultural difference that takes time to learn, if it can be learned fully at all.

Through the authors repetition of a few lines throughout the story, a tone was setup that really grew me in and made me sympathize for the MC. The short length of this story was used effectively to convey a deep emotion and some real world issues that some try to overlook when they see someone who might be “different” in their country. It might make the reader think twice before looking down to of avoiding someone just trying to fit in.

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