Concentrated Self-Help for Depression

William Davies

Why do I wake up early in the morning? How can I be depressed when I’ve got nothing to be depressed about? How can I be anything but depressed when everything I touch goes wrong? I can never be happy without Jo, and Jo doesn’t want me. I’m so depressed I can’t even remember things I’ve got to remember. Concentrated Self Help for Depression gets straight to the heart of depression; what it is, what causes it and, most of all, what you can do about it. All concentrated into little more than 20,000 words so that you spend less time reading and more time doing, it responds to the observation that no-one ever got better from depression just by reading about it.

Based on latest 5-factor Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, covering your biology, behaviour, emotions, surroundings, and thinking style, Concentrated Self Help for Depression addresses what depression involves; not just feeling sad, but lethargy, sleep and appetite problems, relationship difficulties, poor cognitive functioning, and negative thinking can all feature and often do.

Over 85,000 mental health professionals have received training from the Association for Psychological Therapies, and Dr William Davies, the head of the Association, aims to bring the same information that is taught to those professionals direct to the end-user, you. In doing so he includes many case examples from his own clinics which bring to life the effectiveness of the techniques described, so as to help you feel enthusiastic about using them.

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