Prison State

Logan Rutherford

On the planet Utoki, crime is virtually non-existent. That’s because if someone commits a crime, no matter how small, them and their immediate family are sent to The Prison.

The Prison is where all criminals are sent to spend the rest of their lives. There are no rules, and no way to escape. The only way to shorten your sentence is to die. Disease, radiation, and starvation are only some of the things that will kill you. The War of the Innocent, however, is the main threat.

When Max is sent to The Prison, he just wants to survive. But when he is attacked by a girl who thinks he's "The One", he's forced to question everything about his life, and choose whether or not to run from destiny.

Raven is a survivor. Having been in The Prison for as long as she remembers, she’s one of the few people who have come to call The Prison “home”. Daughter of the leader of the Innocent, she’s a powerful figure in The Prison. But when she discovers that the stories she was told as a child of the lost city of Destiny—and the monsters inside—are true, she sets out on a journey to find a way to protect her people. And maybe, just maybe, she could find a way to protect her people from Destiny, and end The War at the same time. Even if it means traveling into the heart of the enemy.

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