The Magatama Doodle

Hans Brinckmann

Part personal memoir, part professional flashback, part socio-cultural commentary, The Magatama Doodle chronicles the author's experiences during his twenty-four years (1950-74) of living in Japan as a 'reluctant banker'. The book comments extensively on the country's social, economic, political and cultural realities during the crucial early years of post-war reconstruction and recovery. Rich in anecdotal material - often enough highly amusing - the book also delves beneath the personal story in search of the bigger picture. Neither an apologist, nor a Japan-basher, the author approaches Japan's complexities with informed respect and due care and attention, but also with well-targeted criticisms. Finally, in an Epilogue, the author touches on some of the significant changes that have taken place in Japanese society since the mid-Seventies; he also addresses his current concern - widely shared - about the sustainability of Japan's prosperity without implementing important structural changes in existing political and social systems.

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