Ross Perot

H. Ross Perot

This inspiring autobiography offers a rare, personal look into the extraordinary life of leading entrepreneur, tech industry leader, and third-party politician Ross Perot.Born in 1930 to a Texas cotton broker, Ross Perot is an American patriot celebrated not only as a politician, but as an iconic businessman, talented entrepreneur, and legendary supporter of United States Armed Forces. Perot has built and sold two multi billion-dollar businesses, twice ran as a third-party candidate for president, and profoundly improved the lives of countless servicemen, students, and average Americans through his efforts to reform veteran affairs, education, and the country’s calcified political systems.

For the first time, Perot shares the principles, talents, and work ethic behind his accomplishments. Among the many stories he tells are how he exploited IBM’s blind spot in the 1960s, how he became Steve Job’s angel investor behind NeXT, and how he turned a $1,000 investment into a company worth $2.5 billion. What makes Perot unique among industry leaders is that, as a presidential candidate and influentail patriot, he has transformed American politics through his effort to pull the country out of its ever-deepening fiscal crisis, and as a bonus feature, this book includes a tear-out collection of Perot’s iconic charts spelling out the country’s fiscal crisis and what can be done.

Now more relevant than ever, Ross Perot tells what it takes to make American businesses work and deliver a better future for America.

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