Translight! (Galactic Alliance, #1)

Doug Farren

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Earth has developed a stardrive. The stars are now ours. Others, however, have gotten there before us and they have rules we must follow. Earth is forced to form a united government and join the Consortium or face isolation within our own star system . Humans, however, have a knack for getting into trouble and it doesn't take long before things start to unravel both on Earth and in deep space. This is the amazing story of Jay Kauffman (the creator of the stardrive), CAIN (his machine partner), and the human race as technology drives us farther than our cultural development has prepared us for. But, it's not just about humans. In the end, it seems as if we have something of our own to teach the more advanced cultures. Translight! is the first book of the Galactic Alliance series.

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