Shared Governance, Third Edition

Diana Swihart

Shared Governance, Third Edition: A Practical Approach to Transforming Interprofessional Healthcare
Diana Swihart, PhD, DMin, MSN, APN CS, RN-BC
Robert G. Hess, Jr., RN, PhD, FAAN

The third edition of this classic text has been expanded to feature updated and comprehensive shared governance research and the latest IPNG and IPG shared governance measurement tools. The new edition provides a framework for incorporating fresh interprofessional and interdisciplinary approaches to shared governance.

Shared Governance, Third Edition,  is your complete shared governance toolkit and has more than 60 helpful tools, from policies and procedures, to decision-making aids, to templates for councils. Plus, the book incorporates the most widely used and respected tools for measuring the impact of shared governance programs on the quality of care: the Index of Professional Governance and Index of Professional Nursing Governance, created by the book’s coauthor—and founder of the Forum for Shared Governance—Robert G. Hess, Jr.

This book will help you change your culture for the better and begin a true method of shared governance. If previous attempts at shared governance have stalled or failed, the new edition provides helpful strategies for changing course and building a truly effective model.

Take a look at the table of contents:
Chapter 1: Introduction: The Concept Behind Shared Governance
Four Principles of Shared Governance
Interdisciplinary Shared Governance (Tim Porter-O’Grady?)
Inter-Professional Shared Governance (Susie Allen)
Shared Governance Models and Professional Practice Environments
Shared Governance and Relational Partnerships

Chapter 2: Design a Structure to Support Shared Governance
Basic Requirements of All Shared Governance Systems
Structural Process Models of Shared Governance (Congressional, Councilor, Administrative, Unit-Level)
Chapter 3: Build a Structure to Support Shared Governance
Part One: Implementing Shared Governance
Part Two: Leading Strategic Change
Part Three: Shared Governance Systems: Perspective and Format
Designing the Shared Governance Process
Part Four: Bylaws and Articles: Formalizing the Shared Governance Structure
Part Five: Redesigning Shared Governance
Chapter 4: Building the Unit-Level Practice Council for Implementing Shared Governance at Points of Service
Building Relationships: Interprofessional and Interdisciplinary Teams
Building the Structure for Unit-Level Practice Councils (Microsystem Level of Shared Governance)
How Shared Governance Can Be an Integrating Structure in Healthcare Organizations
Chapter 5: Implementing Shared Governance at the Organization Level: Roles of Stakeholders
Leadership Partners and the Importance of the CNO and Middle Managers in Shared Governance
Union Partners in Shared Governance
Community Partners in Shared Governance
Patients as Partners in Shared Governance
Chapter 6: Measure Your Process and Outcomes at the Point of Service (Bob Hess)
Measurement Tools: IPNG and IPG
Research on the Evidence and Principles of Shared Governance
Research on Shared Governance in a Government Agency
Six Dimensions for Measurement
Forum for Shared Governance
Chapter 7: Case Studies: A Snapshot of Shared Governance and Best PracticesImplementing Shared Governance in U.S. and Global Communities 
Chapter 8: Relationships for Excellence: ANCC Magnet Recognition Program® (Sylvia Samuelson)
International Organization for Standardization 9001:2008 Quality Management (Logan Asbury)
The Relationship Between Shared Governance and ANCC Magnet Recognition Program®
The Relationship Between Shared Governance and ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
Chapter 9: Tips for SuccessTips and Best Practices (From Interdisciplinary, Interprofessional, Direct-Care Nurses, Team Leaders) 
Chapter 10: An International Clearinghouse for Research and Resources (Bob Hess)
Founding of the Forum for Shared Governance
Cyber Community of Participants in Shared Governance
Online Research of Published and Unpublished Research on Shared Governance
Chapter 11: Conclusions and Recommendations: Where Do We Go From Here?


Appendix A: Index of Professional Nursing Governance (IPNG)

Appendix B: Index of Professional Governance (IPG)

Provides a professional, proven framework for developing and supporting effective shared governance within the healthcare environment
Includes a core collection of important tools, best practices, processes, adaptable forms, and training materials for designing, implementing, and evaluating shared governance within the organization
Features updated and comprehensive information related to new research, the latest IPNG and IPG measurement tools, and information on the interprofessional and interdisciplinary approaches to shared governance
Will help your organization enhance staff autonomy and increase competency and accountability
Will help you build a collaborative relationship among units and departments

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