Simple Pushes

Tom Nagel

Simple Pushes presents a method for finding balance in life. Beginning with an exercise of determining whether you push or pull on the steering wheel of your car, you can become aware of your unconscious habit of pushing or pulling in life. Pushing and pulling are not inherently good or bad; one not better than the other. Sometimes it is appropriate to push while other times pulling is better.

People whose habit is pushing act without considering the circumstances or the impact of their actions upon others. People whose tendency is pulling think and feel too much instead of acting. These chronic habits lead to imbalance and create barriers to leading a fulfilled life.

This booklet contains an idea for gaining insight into why you do what you do and why others do what they do. It then gives examples of how to use simple pushes to achieve balance. This book is a short and simple read yet may lead to profound changes in your life.

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