Crin Brillante/Shiny Mane

Michael Holtby

Learn Spanish and English with this Dual-Language Story!

This Spanish folktale traces its roots back to the 1800’s. Having been passed down, generation after generation since then, it has undergone changes and transitions. This version is one that has taken hold in northern Spain, and has been passed down as a common bedtime story to generations of children all along the way.

This book is for anyone that is learning Spanish or English, young or old, beginner or expert.

Dual-Language Story

This Spanish/English story is presented in two versions. The first version is an alternating Spanish/English format, where the reader can first read a paragraph in Spanish, and then follow along in English. The second version presents the entire story first in Spanish, and then in English. In this way, the reader can practice their comprehension with the full story.

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