The Bull Against the Enemy of the Anglican Race

Frederick Rolfe

"[...]Gazette, Globe, Punch, Academy, Saturday Review, New York Times, Boston Transcript, Popolo Romano, Gazzettino di Venezia, Sioz Tonin de Bona Grazia and Figaro de Paris. And it is Our will, well-beloved children, that ye shall select these, and these only, as commodious for your safety, when concupiscence of reading journals shall molest you.
Moreover, by way of giving a concrete expression to Our apostolic detestation of the iniquity of the said Domnus Aluredos de Ulmeto de Sancto Petro, a baron of the United Kingdom and proprietor and editor of the said journal called Katheemerangareion, We will erect a rampart for defence from and for offence against his infernal onslaught.[...]".

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