Spearwood Academy

A.S. Oren

I was lucky enough to have read about the free offer on goodreads today. I have not read episode 1 or 2, but wanted to read this one anyway. If you do the same, don't worry. It is very easy to follow. The author is obviously very creative. Who would have thought to have a card turn into a girl that can morph into a laptop? I love that it has just the right amount of details. I hate when I read several pages describing one thing. This author is very descriptive, but doesn't over do the details, so you still get to create the image in your head. The whole time I read, I was in the book world and not looking at my phone's screen. I generally never buy anything under 300 pages because I'm cheap and feel as if I'm being robbed, but I think I'll have to make an exception for this series. The thought of not reading the rest of the series is not a good one. I want it now! Unfortunately, I'll have to wait 20 days before the next one is out. The only negatives about this is that one of the sentences towards the end got messed up. It had two words like the author was going to say one thing but changed their mind and wrote something else instead. It was easy to figure out the sentence though. The other is that it is short. I can't help that I like 500 pagers. But if you do not mind brief works, then you should definitely buy this. It'll be worth it.

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