The Destruction of Ys

Ruth Nestvold

Once there was, and once there was not, in a place I can take you where I have never been, a beautiful princess by the name of Dahut. She lived in a city that no merchant now visits and no map contains. Dahut was the daughter of a sea spirit and King Gradlon of Kernev in Armorica. Before Gradlon founded the city of Kemper, he ruled in the famed city of Ys and lived by the old ways. Ys was at the end of the world, and it had escaped the attention of the Romans. But it was not beyond the reach of the new religion and the ways it brought.
This is the story of Dahut's rebellion and the destruction of the city of Ys.

"The Destruction of Ys" is a short short story of about 1800 words, or seven pages. It is a quirky retelling of an old Breton folktale.

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