Unexpected (The Party Crasher) Book 2

C.T. Sloan

Emma Nellis didn’t know what she was getting into when she and her best friend crashed a Malibu Beach party. Little did the 21-year old receptionist know that she would find herself meeting the host of the party - the real estate billionaire Leo Knight.

What appeared to be a potential disaster turned into a stroke of luck. Leo invited Emma back to his Point Dume mansion. A little bit of flirting turned into a hot and heavy night of non-stop sex. Followed by a weekend of carnal adventure which pushed Emma to her limits.

As the weekend ended, Emma came to terms that her time with Leo would be over. That the best weekend of her life was merely a once-in-a lifetime fling. By Monday morning, the young receptionist returned to her normal life, wondering if Leo would ever call her again.

Over 19,000 words

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