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BECAUSE I'M A MAID! Episode 5 English version

Episode.5: The Day of the Maid Exam!

The day of reckoning is here! The maid promotion exam is being held in conjunction with Master Rei's birthday party...which has VIP guests from all over the world!
Karen is ready to go, but finds herself in trouble right off the bat! What's more is that Karen finds herself entangled in an incident caused by a mysterious old man... As her exam points continue to fall, Karen is cheered up by a performance by the girl group THE POSSIBOOOOO.
Will she be able to come through in the end...?!

Author: Sayuri Sakai

1997-2002: Released 4 manga books of her game and animation manga
which was first published by Square Enix Co., LTD as a series in a manga magazine.
2003-2007: Drew illustrations and game anthology manga for Ichijinsha, Inc.


Karen Otonashi : 16 years old and a freshman in high school.
She is an amiable and hard-working girl, striving towards her dream of becoming a maid.

Kazumasa Mitsurugi : The eldest son of the wealthy Mitsurugi family and a junior in college.
He is cool and steady. He volunteers as a supervisor in charge of hiring a maid.

Keiji Mitsurugi : The middle son of the Mitsurugi family and a senior in high school.
He is a feminist with a love for women.

Rei Mitsurugi : 6 years old and the youngest son of the Mitsurugi family.
He is quiet and really shy. He does not open his heart to anyone other than his two brothers.

Please enjoy BECAUSE I'M A MAID! Episode 5!

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