Hysterical Friction

Thomas S. Roche

"Hysterical Friction" is a novella of filthy erotic sauce approximately 6,400 words long and packed with snide sex, sarcastic sass and the many flavors of snarky spunk all too lacking in our modern era.

It goes a little like this:

Victoria Barker's husband Arthur is concerned about her disinterest in life. He takes her to the office of one Dr. Charles Fitzmartin, who specializes in women who have lost their ability to enjoy the finer things. Diagnosing Victoria with "Hysteria," the good doctor prescribes for her a most unorthodox treatment!

While Charles dallies at a nearby tearoom, Victoria is subjected to an experimental procedure to reduce her hysteria — with an earth-shattering "paroxysm" induced by vibratory stimulation from a bicycle-powered massager. Coaxing his assistant Clara onto the bicycle, Dr. Fitzmartin discovers that Victoria Barker isn't the only one around here in dire need of a paroxysm or two...

WARNING: This is an explicit erotic novella with very adult language and is not intended for those under legal age of majority established by the local authorities in their assuredly esteemed jurisdiction, or for those offended by sexual descriptions of a most cogent and at times even sexually speculative nature.

Furthermore, those showing a distasteful love of steam power may object to the work's advocacy of the bicycle as the chief mode of female emancipation in the coming century. Those individuals may feel quite free to exercise their dentition on the author's and publisher's admittedly overripe posteriors.

Thomas S. Roche's first novel, The Panama Laugh, is a gonzo military science fiction zombie apocalypse that has been compared to the writings of Jim Thompson and Hunter S. Thompson, published by Night Shade Books in September, 2011. Roche is also a widely published author of sex-positive erotica and the occasional purveyor of horror and crime-noir short stories, and a commentator on sex, crime, culture and politics.

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