Marrying Mr. Write (Mr Write Trilogy, #3)

Cassandra P. Lewis

Well..... After leaving us on that cliff-hanger at the end of Me & Mr. Write this book couldn't come quick enough but even waiting an hour would of been too long, in the end it was worth its wait.

You went on the final journey with Jackson and Rosie and it was amazing and of course there was more ups and downs like you would expect but they made tender hooked reading all that more fun. You never knew what was around the corner for these 2 and that made you love the book even more.

Had me in a few ugly cry moments, especially the ending, i think i went through a whole box of tissues crying with this book but crying to a book means that the author has completely drawn you in and thats what you want. You aren't gonna be happy reading a book that doesn't draw you in and so reading this trilogy will not disappoint you one bit!!

Thankyou Cassandra sooo much for writing this trilogy for me and many others to enjoy and i can not wait for more books by you :D

Marrying Mr. Write Cassandra P. Lewis

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