ALFRED EDERSHEIM COLLECTION, 3-in-1 (Illustrated). Sketches of Jewish Social Life, The Temple, Jesus the Messiah

Alfred Edersheim

THE ALFRED EDERSHEIM COLLECTION includes the full text of 3 of Edersheim’s most well-known works: SKETCHES OF JEWISH SOCIAL LIFE, THE TEMPLE ITS MINISTRY AND SERVICES, JESUS THE MESSIAH (the official abridged version of “Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah”).

* This is not a cheap scanned copy, but a fully searchable and formatted collection! *

Includes the FULL TEXT of:
>SKETCHES OF JEWISH SOCIAL LIFE - In this classic work, Alfred Edersheim (1825 –1889) provides a glimpse into the life, customs and traditions of everyday Jewish life of the first century. Edersheim himself was a Messianic Jew and gives great insights from historical sources, Jewish tradition and teaching. He was a well-known pastor and scholar, ministering in Scotland and England.
(19 CHAPTERS covering topics such as Jewish Land, Upbringing of children, Education, Women, Death, Trade and Commerce, Pharisees, Sadducees, Synagogues, etc).

>THE TEMPLE ITS MINISTRY AND SERVICES – This substantial work provides a detailed look at the Temple, the Priesthood, the Sacrificial system and Jewish Festivals. (19 CHAPTERS).

>JESUS THE MESSIAH – This is the official abridged edition of Alfred Edersheim’s monumental and classic work “The Life of Jesus the Messiah.”It reduces the original 6 volumes into one manageable (87 chapter!) work and omits many of the heavy and technical footnotes.If you want the original, with all the Greek notes and appendixes this may not be for you – but if you want a lucid, in-depth and highly informative look at the life and times of Jesus you will not be disappointed!(87 CHAPTERS)

•Includes many illustrations
•Is fully formatted, searchable and spell-checked.
•Has an optimized Table of Contents for easy navigation (Menu > Go To > Table of Contents)

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