Dark Child (Covens Rising) (Covens Rising): Episode 3 (Dark Child, #2.3)

Adina West

The hunger was worse every day, and now there was only a whisper-thin line holding her back from a dark red sea.
“You would feed me?” Her voice came out so husky and low that it was a wonder he heard her.

In Paris, Kat hears of horrifying events back in the States. The leader of the Directorate is openly attacking those with mixed Taberin and human blood. Hybrids like her. And chances are he’ll be turning his attention to Europe next.

Kat knows she needs to go into hiding again. But then her Taberin aunt, Akilina, reveals something about Kat’s heritage that changes everything. If Akilina is right, the Directorate will stop at nothing until they have eradicated Kat and the threat she represents. No matter how many they have to kill to get to her …

As the threat from the Directorate intensifies, Ben and Yara barely escape the US with their lives. But being trapped together on a boat bound for Europe could prove much more dangerous than anticipated. Because one of them is in transition, and needs to feed

This title is the third novella-length episode of Dark Child (Covens Rising), which will conclude with Episode 5. Please visit momentumbooks.com.au for further information.

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