He's A Magic Man (Children of Merlin, #2)

Susan Squires

Drew Tremaine is sure of her destiny. Her family is descended from Merlin. She'll fall in love with a man who also has magic in his DNA, and he will set her power free. The briefest glimpse of a gorgeous man on a TV show gives her a vision of the future. Her power has arrived; she's sure he's the One. She drops everything and flies to Florida in search of the man who’ll share her life. Dowser can find things, anywhere, anytime. But he only uses his gift to find sunken treasure for rich dilettantes when he needs money to stay drunk, trying to numb his pain. When Drew finds Dowser, she’s shocked. This derelict can’t be her destiny. Sure she’s attracted to him. And he’s attracted to her, guilty as that makes him feel. But fate has played a cruel trick on them both. The man who is Drew’s destiny still loves his dead wife, Alice. Now a shadowy group wants Dowser to find a Talisman handed down from Merlin. It's the first step on their path to ultimate power. In return they’ll give Dowser back the one thing he wants: Alice. Drew and Dowser must both make choices, and they look like they’re going to be painful. Destiny is a bitch.

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