Jason's Cuckold Fantasy (The Kinks in Our Marriage, #2)

Vivian Lux

After their steamy three-way encounter with his best friend Brandon, Jason approaches his wife Madeleine with a request. Seeing her with Brandon had been the biggest turn-on for him, could she arrange it somehow so that he could catch her and Brandon in the act in their own bedroom?

Madeleine is completely game for this new chapter in their exploration of each other's sexuality. But will she be able to fulfill her husband's cuckold fantasy or will her lust for her husband's achingly sexy best friend get the best of her?

Part 2 in The Kinks in Our Marriage series is an explosive 6000+ word erotic short story. It contains graphic descriptions of bisexual desire, oral and anal sex, cheating, voyeurism, light domination and a mind-blowing MMF threesome. It is clearly meant for mature readers only.


"Well, good morning then," Jason smiled as he slipped his hands over her smooth skin to cup her ample butt.

"And good morning to you!" Madeleine teased, looking pointedly at his crotch. "What are YOU thinking about?"

Jason squeezed her butt. "I think you know."

"Tell me."

"Well my wife's amazing ass for one."

"For one? What else?"

Jason slid her forward so she could feel how hard he was. "I was also kinda thinking about my birthday party."

Madeleine blushed immediately and wondered if he guessed what she had been up to upstairs. They hadn't talked about the night they spent with Brandon since it had happened. She assumed Jason had been massively drunk and chalked it up to wild good luck that it had happened in the first place. She wasn't the type of girl who had threesomes.

But here Jason was bringing it up again. She decided to play coy.

"Ah you remember that huh? I'm surprised."

Jason slid his hands up to her breasts and squeezed. He pulled her in for a long, slow, soft kiss that melted her facade in an instant.

"I remember how beautiful you looked with another man fucking you," he rasped. "I remember being more turned on by that than anything in my life."

Yes Brandon had fucked her, and fucked her well. She grew wet at the memory and reached down into Jason's boxers.

"I remember what you did with this," she said, holding his gaze.

"I fucked him too," Jason breathed, meeting her eyes as she teased his cock with her fingertip. "And you liked it."

"I did. I did so much," she moaned.

He groaned and grabbed her ass, heaving her up on the kitchen table and flinging her robe completely open.

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