The Brass Ring (Loveswept, #264)

Susan Crose

When her handsome tennis pro fiancé slipped the carousel's beribboned brass ring onto her wrist and murmured, "With this ring, I thee wed," Dr. Shawna McGuire felt tears of happiness slip from her eyes.In twenty-four hours she'd be Mrs. Parker Harrison, and not even a veiled warning from the carnival's gypsy fortune-teller could shadow her joy.But only a day later her world was shattered, when a tragic accident left the man she loved clinging to life.Vowing to help him recover, Shawna stayed by his side until he awakened, only to learn a bitter truth:Parker didn't remember her at all!

Haunted by nightmares, filled with guilt and self-pity, Parker yearned only to recall his past, but Shawna refused to give him up... even when it seemed he'd betrayed her love before.When so much was pulling them apart, Shawna dared a desperate gamble.But would her passionate bedside manner bring back the lover that she'd lost?

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