Jerry Lewis, The Nutty Spokesperson

Patrick Murphy

Jerry Lewis, The Nutty Spokesperson is an up-close-and-personal look at an anarchic comic genius’s memorable encounter with an American corporate giant—the largest medical device company in the world—Medtronic. Talk about a clash of cultures! Readers will laugh in wonder and shake their heads in disbelief.
As Jerry’s liaison with Medtronic, Patrick Murphy had a front row seat to this entertaining show. He experienced the initial courting of Jerry and Medtronic, the exhilarating highs of the campaign’s first tour, then the jarring news when his bosses wanted to fire Jerry after he told a room full of physicians “I feel like the only Jew in a room full of Arabs!”
Like anything associated with Jerry Lewis, this book will entertain and shock readers. It will provide insights on how medical devices are marketed to consumers; it will recount entertaining stories of Jerry’s days as one of the world’s highest profile movie stars, but most importantly, it will make you laugh. Because if it’s not funny, what’s the point?

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