Nasty Very

Julian Rathbone

Like the title, Rathbone through this novel presents a nasty satire. 'A mock epic in six parts'.

The story is that of an extremely shrewd business, Charlie Bosham, and all that he does to gain power and money. Many a times I was disgusted by the means Charlie adapts, the explicit scenes and I kept wondering why did I even pick up this novel. But the underlying story strangely kept me gripped. Every event that occurs in Charlie’s life has significance and people he encounters towards his ruthless struggle for capital bliss make significant appearances at some point of time in his life. I wished for a 'happy ending' but then it a satirical work; the closure is quite realistic if present times are to be considered.

Rathbone has heavily used political references and Charlie, at the end, finds a place in politics. The description of the English society was indeed shocking. In an interview Rathbone had mentioned that the book was far ahead of its time. But now it doesn’t seem so with political decline and scandalous revelations.

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