Precor Presents Alberto Salazar Treadmill Training And Workout Guide

Alberto Salazar

Millions of Americans either own or use treadmills in the gym. However, most people don’t know how to use a treadmill the right way to achieve their fitness goals. This is the first book to show how to use a treadmill for everything from a simple cardio workout to training for a marathon.

Developed by one of the top fitness equipment manufacturers in the world, Precor’s Treadmill Training & Workout Guide offers exercise programs for people of all fitness levels with many different fitness goals. With helpful advice from the world champion marathon runner Alberto Salazar and legendary coach and trainer Jeff Galloway, this is the first and only guide to getting the most out of treadmill training. You’ll learn:

·The proper settings and speeds for your fitness goals
·The best way to warm up and the best way to cool down
·Proper running form and racewalking techniques
·How to train for a marathon using your treadmill
·Personalized programs and much, much more!

It’s guaranteed! After reading the Treadmill Training& Workout Guide, you’ll see how the treadmill will become your most essential piece of fitness equipment.

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