14 Extreme Horrors and Mysteries Based On True Accounts

Chet Dembeck

When I started researching for the material to fill this little horror reader, I wanted to fill it with some bizarre, true stories that I had come across from time to time in the archives of major newspapers like the Washington Post and the New York Times.

While some might want to write off these stories of horror and mystery as just so much bunkum created by panicked witnesses or over sensational reporters in hunt for a good tale, the fact that many of the stories are corroborated by more than one credible witness makes such a blanket dismissal impossible.

Some of the stories bring out the base qualities of our fellow human beings, while others create more questions than they answer. Some of the stories are downright bizarre and terrorizing — such as the documented cased of real flesh-eating ghouls.

If I had one goal for writing this little horror reader it was to share with you my own astonishment, fright and contemplation some of these documented news accounts triggered in me.

Chet Dembeck
Publisher of One

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