The Law of Success, Volume I

Napoleon Hill

Originally published in eight separate volumes, The Laws of Success was Napoleon Hill's voluminous masterwork in which he first codified the philosophy of success and the seventeen principles of personal achievement. However, Napoleon Hill understood that such laws were not static and immutable, but subject to new discoveries and new ideas and must therefore be capable of adaptation, change, and growth. Now, this completely updated and revised edition of The Laws of Success, prepared by the Napoleon Hill Foundation, is designed to carry the philosophy of personal achievement to a new generation. It is being published in four separate volumes. The first volume is The Principles of Self-Mastery. The three subsequent volumes, which will complete the work, will be published in the next three seasons. The Principles of Self-Mastery represents an in-depth discussion of Napoleon Hill's first four principles of personal achievement — the foundation upon which personal success is built.

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