The Petrakos Bride

Lynne Graham

4 stars!

Giannis Petrakos is Maddie's hero. He had visited her twin sister in the hospital before she died and he gave her hope. Since then Maddie has a crush on him, unrequited of course until he finally notices her. She works at Petrakos industries but her job is a lowly job she is not wealthy or glamorous. Their love affair ends too soon when the heroine finds out the hero is engaged to be married. Weeks later she finds herself pregnant which means she has to contact Giannis.

I loved the characters. Maddie seems vulnerable at first but as the relationship evolves she turns into a feisty and independent woman. She is confident and teases the hero constantly which amused me greatly. Giannis is very attentive caring and affectionate. Had he not been that secretive he could save himself all this angst. But then again without drama this book would not be that enjoyable!

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