The Nine Muses

Angeles Arrien

Wonderful book, informative, insightful and thought provoking.It's like a practical guide to inspiration and creativity by illuminating them through the lens of the Muses.There is a section dedicated to each Muse and the aspect she represents, and each section gives the details of her personality and aspect, gives examples of her aspects in the world, and best of all, lists exercises that can help you stretch your creative muscles in that particular aspect.The book is also full of beautiful quotes and poems related to the topics being discussed, which helped to heighten the mood of the book.I very much enjoyed reading this, and I really hope to get a copy for myself sometime soon so that I can refer back to it whenever I want.I'd recommend it to anyone - artist, scientist, historian, writer, singer, dancer, anything - there is at least one muse to inspire your wonder, and this book can lend you some keys to unlocking her aspects in you!

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