Monte Cooks Arcana Evolved

Monte Cook

This is easily my favorite variant Player's Handbook.The races are far from derivative, the class system is interesting in how it handles class game balance (hint: not all classes are equal in all situations - surprise!) and the depth of detail is really quite good.I usually prefer less detail to be honest, since I like to fill in the blanks myself.But I find that I really enjoy Monte Cook's style, so I can actually immerse myself in his worlds when I'm preparing a campaign for my players.

The artwork style and quality are top notch as far as I'm concerned, and the volume of actual, hard content is really quite outstanding.I think I paid $50 for my copy, and it's easily one of my most thumbed-through tomes in my personal library.

I can't say I've found a better variant handbook.If you like a setup that goes in a pretty non-standard direction with a significant chunk of the content, this is a great pick-up!

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