Rise of Marginal Voices

Anne Statham

This book represents ten years of data collection and analysis on the topic of women managers, using an evolving feminist framework which urges that we consider the dimensions of race, class, and gender simultaneously. The author examines the interplay of class issues (worker participation) with gender issues (women managers), pulling together literatures that are usually seen as separate. The interplay of race is also discussed. Contents: Preface; Acknowledgements; Chapter One: Moving Back to the Future; PART I: A First Look at Difference; Chapter Two: The Missing Feminine; Chapter Three: Are Women Different?; Chapter Four: The Problem of Difference: Remnants and Transformations; Chapter Five: The Female as Problematic; PART II: Gender and Intertwined Oppressions; Chapter Six: A Focus on Work; Chapter Seven: The Intertwining of Capitalism and Patriarchy: Is Capitalism Particularly Cruel to Women?; Chapter Eight: The Link with Race; PART III: Gender in Broader Context; Chapter Nine: Leadership in Native American Context: Foregrounding Cultural Background; Chapter Ten: The New Workplace; Chapter Eleven: How Change Happens; Chapter Twelve: Implications for Society; Appendix: Methodology, Chronology, Supplemental Findings from Studies; Bibliography; Index.

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