Violet & Claire

Francesca Lia Block

This is the book that started it all for me. A friend recommended I read it, and Francesca Lia Block made an immediate move to the top slot in my favorite authors list, where she's stayed ever since.

Violet sees life as a movie. There's always a scene, a mood, something unfolding. Though her own life, sadly, is lacking in some of the necessities for a great script. Conflict. Her parents, who seem to be from a completely different bloodline than she, give her none. And what little she does have isn't juicy enough. Love interest. Sorely lacking. Anyone who can understand what she wants and where she's coming from.

Enter Claire. Innocence emboddied, wearing a Tinker Bell shirt with faerie wings, surrounded by taunting peers. Violet decides she's perfect. Claire, never having fit in, is happy to have a friend. And one who defended her.

Their early adventures are innocent enough. A visit to a transvestite bar. A trip to an underground concert, where Violet finds her love interest in the form of the godly Flint Cassidy. But her unwilling slip into humanity leaves her wounded, when she realizes she fell for an act like any other girl. Determined, she makes the most of it, and takes her script to his agent, who gives her a receptionist job in exchange for helping her with it.

Claire is first excited, soon after worried. Violet comes to school less and less, eventually isn't there at all. The poetry class they signed up for together also becomes Claire's alone. As she gets deeper into her relationship with the teacher, Violet isn't there to listen, or warn her. Claire too finds herself injured and lost.

But even the darkness can't keep them apart. After all the misunderstandings and apologies gone awry, their friendship prevails. Life in the desert, away from the cruelties of the big city, awaits.

Violet's portion of the story should appeal to any movie buff. Claire's to anyone who's ever felt alien, finding solace mostly in paper and pen. A very quick read, which might or might not keep you up at night to get to see how it turns out, and one of my all time favorites, I highly recommend Violet and Claire to any and all.

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