Highlander's Charm (Highlander Heat, #3)

Joanne Wadsworth

Book Three in the Highlander Heat series.


Traveling through time…for a Highlander.

Lila MacIan makes a wish upon a sixteenth century charm gifted to her by her missing grandmother, a wish that sends her traveling back into the past and to a warrior her charm has bound her to. With a vicious feud raging between the clans, she withholds her true identity from him, except he’s seen her grandmother and now she must do whatever it takes to find her.

Highland warrior Calum MacLean is bound to a woman who holds an identical charm to his. Visions assail him, of the two of them intimately together, and as Lila escapes him for the enemy’s land, his soul demands he protect and aid her.

Once Lila is reunited with her grandmother, she discovers she was born in the past to the MacIan laird, Calum’s arch enemy. Can she find a way to save the man her soul cries out for…set her past to rights and remain in her true time?

Novella: Highlander's Captive
Book 1: Highlander's Castle
Book 2: Highlander's Magic
Book 3: Highlander's Charm
Book 4: Highlander's Guardian
Book 5: Highlander's Faerie
Book 6: Highlander's Champion

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